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Douglas Grubb
Posted 29 Jun 2007
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We are a very small football club in North Yorkshire with the budget to match. Can anyone give me a pointer as to the best sand to use on our pitches. We have an amateur but proficient groundsman with no access to the internet, so I'll have to relay the info i.e. keep it simple please!!

I guess we want the best gear at the lowest price (don't we all) but realistically if anyone can suggest a low cost product that is worth recommending it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Anthony Asquith
Posted 29 Jun 2007 Last edited: 29 Jun 2007
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Hi douglas

Use a compatable washed sand as the incorect stuff is far worse than none at all ie consider PSD (particle size distribution), organic matter, shape, totall porosity, capillary and non capillary porosity etc etc.

Applying an application of sand at least annualy will improve soil structure and maintain an open macro-pore structure that will increase hydraulic conductivity (water transmitance), playability and plant health.

Contact david goodjohn at GSB loams - click on the GSB link on the right.


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